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Sheila Berg, M.Ed.,

I’m an ACE Certified Health Coach; Health Educator; and Certified Essential Oil CoacH.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) Health Coach Certification is the only health coach certification accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) which is considered the gold standard in health and fitness. 

Sheila is an Expert Contributor on Personal Growth

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Hi! I’m Sheila…or you can just call me She as some of my friends do!

I’m a Certified Health Coach, Health Professor, Wellness Advocate, Certified Essential Oil Coach, and your SPARKLE facilitator dedicated to walking with you as you build your best life!

I am a Minnesotan, born and raised and live in the ‘burbs of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. My life loves include my 4 Guys; 1 Big, 1 Medium, 1 Little, and 1 Furry (a very handsome cat!), my family, and my friends.

She Be Well is short for Sheila Berg Wellness. While She Be Well is short for my name and company, the name dually stems from a Shakespeare quote by Romeo as he was inquiring about Juliet;


I love this idea, that if our loved ones know we are well, life will be well with us! I believe, we, as women, carry this power and grace within us. Even if right now, we are in a place that isn’t our best.

You know the place…that place where change is needed or even necessary. A change in eating habits, a change in fitness level, a change in weight, a change in attitude, a change in family life, or maybe even a change in career. But you’re stuck in the “how.”

That is where I was. And the truth is, I could be there again… Because life comes at us quickly and our needs and wants change with it. Developing awareness and learning how to adjust our habits to keep moving towards our goals and dreams when life happens is the key… and I want to help you!

My own personal wellness journey has led me to you and other women like us. After my second son was born, I felt tired, out of shape, and was 20 pounds overweight. I wanted to change and I knew the power of setting goals, so I invested in me. I used the knowledge I had gained as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor and developed a customized plan that worked for me.

The benefits and results amazed me. Beyond the improved level of physical fitness and losing the baby weight, I felt more energized, joyful, and was able to keep up with the excitement of my 2 boys. I was so inspired by these changes, I knew I had to help other women experience them too. I took the next steps and furthered my education, earning a Master’s in Education with a focus on Health Education.

My knowledge and experience has helped me develop techniques and strategies to continue moving towards greater health AND wellness throughout my life. Health and wellness are not synonyms; rather they are two complementary factors in our overall well being. Health refers to a physical body being free from disease, but wellness is an overall balance of your physical, social, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, environmental, and occupational well-being. I believe we can have both!

My own journey has not been without challenges and setbacks. Despite the positive changes I had made postpartum, I found myself slipping into old habits when my father got sick and passed away in the Spring of 2018. While I did the best I could at that time, I was not taking care of me. Instead, I was medicating with food, and it took a toll on my health and wellness. It wasn’t until October after my father passed, that I had my “ah-ha moment. I remember it was right around my birthday. The stress of his death was showing on me, I had gained weight, my asthma was problematic, and I felt terrible. I knew in that moment, it was time to prioritize my wellness and start taking care of me again. But it wasn’t the same program I had used before. I knew to be successful, I needed to adapt my goals and strategy to fit my current stage of life. This meant time for grieving and extra self-care, and a more gentle approach to exercise. I believe that knowing our life stage and adjusting our goals is key to our success!

This is why I want to help you! To get clear on your own life stage, desires, and current limitations, and help you design your life to succeed. I am here to empower you to live a healthful, engaged life. To help you show up for yourself. To be your true self. To live with purpose. To love yourself as you are now and as you strive to become the woman you are meant to be. To pursue your passion in your personal life, professional life, or in your next business adventure.

I am here for you as you work to reclaim your own sparkle… and design a life you love!

Maya Angelou said it best…

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

That’s why I’m a health coach. Simply put, know better, do better. My mission is to empower women to design a more healthful, engaged life through weight management, graceful aging, self-care, and cleaner living! And I hope to empower you!

Ready to start your journey?


    Schedule a time to CONNECT with me to chat about your dreams and goals if you are READY and your time is NOW!

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